In a spirit of solidarity, EUcrania is run by the European Foundation Finnova represented by its CEO, Mr. Juan Manuel Revuelta.

The initiative has already received the support of Mr. Emilio De Capitani (former secretary of the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament) as well as the Mr Sandro Gozi, Member of the European Parliament.

Finnova wishes to put its generosity and its skills to work for this humanitarian project, in order to provide urgent and concrete aid to the Ukrainian population, to participate in the reception of refugees within the Member States of the Union and also to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The vocation of EUcrania is to extend over time!


As European entity, the EUcrania initiative reinforces our European identity of being fully committed to our democratic values in these complicated circumstances. We have always advocated for the defense of freedom, solidarity and mutual comprehension between people and countries. The ongoing war in Ukraine is against our European way of living, and we sympathize with the people of Ukraine in solidarity.

Our joined efforts are directed towards helping them Ukrainians find their path in the European Union. Therefore, we will help Ukrainian citizens and refugees by implementing measures that are focused on giving support to young Ukrainian professionals and entrepreneurs that are in a vulnerable situation.

To achieve this, we intend to support the following activities: 

  • Advocacy and lobbying before European institutions and local authorities in the defense of Ukrainian rights. 
  • Prioritizing making entrepreneurial scholarships available to young Ukrainians.  
  • Making effective use of our third-party partners (Consortium and providers, among others) to find job position for Ukrainians in Belgium and Spanish territory.

The vocation of EUcrania is to extend over time!