Eucrania project is a non-profit initiative that aims to help Ukranians in vunerable situation trough the programme #EUcraniaYouth offering training and information channels for young Ukranians to develop their professional skills in the European Union.


#EUcraniaYouth: By providing detailed and informative guides about all the opportunities our networks in Spain and Belgium can offer, we hope to present alternative employment and scholarship opportunities to young Ukrainians.


The economic and entrepreneurial reconstruction of Ukraine!

#EUcraniaYouth: To inform young Ukrainians about entities and companies able to host them, and facilitate creating network channels between them.




  • Young Ukrainian residents in Spain or Belgium pursuing higher education studies or young professionals 30 years old or younger.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to contribute to the initiative by hosting and training young Ukrainians in vulnerable situations in Spain and Belgium.

    Juan Viesca

    Head of European funds

    Mr. Viesca is currently the Director of European Funds at Finnova. He works for further networking, innovation and seeks financial support for innovative startups, SMEs and has a huge experience in training schemes and EU programmes, associations, networks and public and private organisations.

    Juanma Revuelta

    Manager of EUcrania youth

    Mr. Revuelta is the CEO of Finnova Foundation, and the founder and director of the Startup Europe Acelerator and Startup Europe Adwards. He has a long distinguished history in business and technology consultation as well as administration.

    Patricia Cavanillas

    Coordinator of EUcrania Project

    Mrs. Cavanillas is the Communication Manager and Institucional Relations Officer in Finnova. She is a experienced Account Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry.

    Natalia Cediel

    Head of Communication

    Mrs. Cediel is the Finnova coordinator of the communication and dissemination department of EU-funded projects. She also coordiantes the institutional relations of the foundation along with the management of the StartUp Europe Awards, an initiative of the European Commission implemented by Finnova.

    Eduardo Mercado

    IT Director

    Mr. Mercado is a comunication and electronics engineer specialising in process automation. He has a big experience in the fleld of technologies, process automation, and is currently director of information technologies within Finnova, representing the technological and innovative themes presented for the multiple calls for proposals of the European Union.